Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DC Universe Online Overview

DC Universe Online, developed by Sony Online Entertainment, is a 3D sci-fi massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on fast actions and fierce combats. The long-waited game will realize many players’ dream by teaming them up with fictional DC comic superheroes or notorious characters in battles that keep tearing this imaginary universe apart.

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In DC Universe Online, it’s up to the players to choose their sides, either standing along the justice line or forming compliance with the evil superpowers. The players can wield their mighty power in the ways that please them the most.

Players can command their customable characters to uphold justice or wrack havoc alongside their favorite comic superheroes without worrying about moral integrities. Their loyalty to either side, good or bad is justified in the game as long as they choose their position unequivocally and stick to it till the end.

Sony’s latest MMO DC Universe Online allow players the exotic experience of collaborating with these whole array of superheroes or ruffians in their quests, piquing gamers’ curiosities to getting involved in this otherwise unreachable world.

In DC comic Universe, players can also choose the combat modes most suit their interests. They can choose to branch out on their own throughout the mission or to unite with other characters to form groups in battles.

Players get the say in how their character will look like in the game. Your innovation could be reflected by the sparkling outfits, catchy names, and extraordinary power combinations of the character in question. So get ready to create!

Unlike other comics-based MMORPGs, which draw a clear line between the good and the evil, DC Universe Online, however, break this convention by mixing the two forces in the same social areas and combat zones. And the scenario will be automatically changed according to the players’ moral stance.


DC Universe Online brings the content and characters of comic books into life in this Sci-Fi world and add to it elements of shooting and fighting, thus providing players a gameplay experience like no others.

The pay to play mmo game DC Universe Online gives players much chance for interaction with the environment while they role-play to fight.

The action experience in the games will keep your eyes busy as you engaged in the instance-based combats.

You will feel being a catalyst in the day-saving efforts of the superheroes or in the trouble-making plots of the superpower evils.

You can do whatever they like without any physical or moral constraints being set in the game, thus allowing them to behave wantonly without being criticized.

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